BlockCAT Alpha Now Live as ICO Nears End

August 2017
By Sam
Posted: Updated:

The BlockCAT team have released their alpha for testing ahead of the end of their ICO. This was announced in their discord channel ahead of posting it on their blog. The alpha requires metamask to run correctly.

BlockCat Alpha

Right now the only two options available are to create a security deposit and hodl (by why would you, their ICO is almost over!). Joint and distributed payments will be added later. It’s actually pretty easy to set up the smart contracts and then its metamask which handles the transfer of your ETH to it. I am very interested to see what other types of contracts they will add later in the future. Also, I will be looking forward to their mobile app beta or mockup.

You can check out the alpha at

There are only a few days left until the ICO is over on August 16, 2016.

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