November 13th ICO Quick Review

TopiaCoin Presale Starts – Secure Decentralized File Sharing “Topia will combine its patented security for shredding and encrypting data with the power of blockchain, to deliver the most robust and Secure Decentralized File Sharing infrastructure (SDFS). With SDFS, individuals and businesses will be able to easily and securely share any …


BitDegree – An Incentivized Solidity Developer Training Ground

I’ve taken quite a few free courses online from what are known as MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) from a variety of sources. I slogged through CodeAcademy and TreeHouse’s course material for a while to teach myself enough coding not to look stupid. I signed up and missed all my …


Gatcoin – Airdropped Coupons & Exchange Platform Will Bring Enterprises to the Blockchain

The blockchain is extremely frictionless, meaning that it’s very easy to transfer stores of value across it. Especially as technology develops and brings down fees. It’s going to allow a whole new bartering and trading economy to appear covering assets which before were illiquid. One of the big sectors to …


Quantstamp – Decentralized AI Hybrid Smart Contract Auditing

If you haven’t heard, the crypto space has been blowing up recently. The total market cap for all crypto currencies exceeds more than 150 billion USD and there is no sign of it stopping. The real driver for this meteoric rise has been Ethereum and its smart contract protocol, which …

Academy Coin

Academy Coin – Will This EdTech ICO Be Successful on the Blockchain?

Academy Coin – Problem and Potential AcademyCoin aims to help online educators receive a higher fees by cutting out middle men and fees associated with credit cards, PayPal and Patreon. This will allow more autonomy and higher earnings for users. AcademyCoin’s goal is to be widely used across mainly different platforms …

Hazza - The Global Unified Payment Network

Hazza – The Global Unified Payment Network

Hazza ICO – Building real economic value for Payment Market Participants by William Stephens In keeping with the straight forward approach and format of previous articles written and posted on this site, I will first lay out the basic premise and aim of the Cryptocurrency and what problem the company …


UTrust – The First Crypto Payment Gateway with Full Buyer Protection

UTRUST ICO I was pretty hyped when I reviewed Monetha a few months ago. I really thought that the system was an interesting application for the blockchain and from repeated conversations with co-founder Justas I came away feeling that they were setup for success. Having had some time to think …


Auctus – The Flimsy Blockchain Solution to the $400 Trillion Pension Crisis

AUCTUS ICO There is a massive global problem that no one is talking about right now. Unfunded pension liabilities are expected to rise to $400 trillion USD by 2050 and we have no current or viable solution to reduce this explosion of debt. Without a significant change to retirement laws, …


Confideal – Useless Token & Bad Mechanics Kills Good Idea

A good idea can take an ICO only so far. To be truly great, a well thought out token model and structure is needed to actually be able to implement the idea. A good example of what not to do with your token structure is Confideal, a visual smart contract …


Dentacoin ICO (Whitepaper Summary)

Dentistry Meets Blockchain Disclaimer: I am not advocating this Cryptocurrency in any way, nor can I offer financial advice as I have no professional qualification; this is simply a whitepaper summary whereby I break down the core concepts and aims of the currency so that investors are more easily able to make …