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December 2017
By Sam
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As someone who writes, invests and is heavily involved in crypto, I get a daily barrage of emails from people requesting to speak with me. Usually I give each of them a cursory glance, but for the most part, most people want my time for free. I’d want my time for nothing as well, but at the same time, we all have to put food on the table. It’s for hungry people like myself that Experty created the blockchain based contact system. Essentially, it allows you to connect with a person, so long as you can pay their fees. I use this right now for some of the consulting that I do, however, it’s a manual process and I don’t have anything public about rates.

Here’s the way it works. You choose an influencer/expert to speak with on Experty’s app, you then schedule a time to speak with them. When the time comes, you make the call. The app checks to make sure you have enough Experty coins in you balance and locks them for the duration of the call. When the call is over, payment is made instantaneously to the person from your wallet to theirs by means of the smart contract. All of this can be done on Experty’s mobile or desktop app.

This isn’t a new idea. There are tons of these types of websites. In fact, here is a small list take from an article about expert fraud and abuse:


  • Alpha Sights “is a global knowledge broker connecting professionals seeking specialist knowledge with those possessing it.”

  • Atheneum Partners “connects the investment community and advisory firms with leading industry specialists around the globe in order to access key market information.”
  • Business Connect China (BCC) “is the premier provider of expert consultation, market intelligence, advisory services, investment, and events for the China market.”
  • Capvision Partners “provides its clients with access to its proprietary expert network in China.”
  • Clear Horizon Research “is an independent research house, based in Sao Paulo, which provides comprehensive, unbiased and customized primary research for investment professionals in the US and Europe who focus on LatAm, and Brazil in particular. Our internal team not only helps investment managers ask the right questions, but also connects them with the appropriate expert to answer those questions.”
  • CognoLink “is connecting the world’s top firms with a network of industry experts, creating unrivalled business intelligence.”
  • Coleman Research Group, Inc. “connects institutions with experts who help them make more informed decisions.”
  • DeMatteo Monness LLC  “is an independent primary research firm and full service broker-dealer serving the global institutional investment fund community. Founded in 1997 by Joe DeMatteo and Bill Monness, we provide our investor client base with access to primary sources of market intelligence through our industry leading Consultant Network.”
  • Evalueserve Circle of Experts caters to the research and advisory needs of investment firms, corporations, and law practices by providing access to valuable insights from frontline industry experts.
  • ExpertView “provides precision research services to Investment Managers, M&A Practitioners and Corporate Executives by combining primary research with expertise from active industry participants.”
  • Foglamp “provides unparalleled reach into more than 120 overseas markets, offering clients a competitive advantage through on-the-ground insights into investment-specific regulatory and market dynamics.”
  • Greenwood Research, LLC “is an independent research and analysis firm focused on delivering fundamental and actionable primary research data points to professional asset managers, private equity firms, investment banks, consulting firms, and key decision makers.”
  • Hakluyt & Company is a British professional services firm, specialising in business intelligence. It helps a set of mainly blue-chip clients build conviction by providing them with information gathered discreetly via a large independent worldwide network.
  • Informed Edge is a new expert networking business. We offer a bespoke service to high profile asset management clients who wish to test an investment thesis or gain additional insight and conviction into existing or future investments.
  • Insight Alpha India Pvt Ltd is a primary research firm focused on finding relevant experts dedicated to providing institutional investors with access to leading industry professionals in India.
  • Intota “is the choice of business, technical, and legal professionals to connect with over 10,000 experts.”
  • Kevin Kennedy Associates Inc. (KKAI) “assembles teams of engineering and scientific expert consultants with the experience and skills necessary to solve the challenges that attorneys, insurance companies, manufacturing firms, and investors face.”
  • Maven Research, Inc. “is a global network of industry professionals, thought leaders, and experts who seek to connect with others to share their knowledge.”
  • MEDACorp “has amassed more than 35,000 healthcare experts, including key opinion leaders, experienced practitioners and other healthcare professionals throughout North America, Europe, Asia and around the world.”CLOSED
  • Primary Insight, LLC “is a leading provider of access to a diverse, global network of experts across all industry sectors.”
  • PRNewswire – ProfNet is “an online community of tens of thousands of professional communicators, ProfNet was created in 1992 to connect reporters easily and quickly with expert sources at no charge. We now provide this same free service to other professionals looking for experts, including… consultants… corporate researchers… financial analysts”
  • Public Insight LP “provides institutional investors and corporations a cost-effective and reliable “one-stop” solution for their regulatory and public policy due diligence, research, and risk management needs – the only independent investment research firm to focus uniquely on regulated sectors. Clients benefit from customized consultations with Public Insight’s proprietary Analyst Network, comprising the foremost regulatory experts, attorneys, lobbyists, former elected and appointed officials, and investment analysts in the US as well as internationally.”
  • Reuters Insight facilitates secure connections between our clients and approximately 40,000 experts and thought leaders.
  • Roulston Research “offers Institutional Investors a network of traditional and non-traditional independent research sources.”
  • Sino Touch Group provides clients with direct access to its network of China industry expert – China Industry Expert Community (CIEC).
  • Tribeca Insights Inc. “is a research service aimed at providing investment managers with access to top industry professionals.”
  • VeriMed Healthcare Network “is a comprehensive, independent group of physicians providing a full range of medical consulting to life sciences companies, financial services firms and healthcare content providers.”
  • Westlake International LLC “committed to help institutional investors rapidly find hard-to-get answers to proprietary investment questions relating to Chinese industries/companies and their impact on the global market.”
  • Zintro, Inc. “connects Clients (expert-seekers) with subject-matter Experts for consulting engagements (ranging from one half hour phone consults to multi-month on-site engagements).”

So there is nothing new about the business model Experty has developed. It’s just they are onchain. I don’t buy the “cutting out the middleman” argument. It’s cheap and it distracts from the real issues of building a company and gaining customer adoption, which is the only thing that matters. I guess one thing that Experty has going for it is PoC and the fact it is blockchain based. Many experts, (myself included) will probably try out the platform because we like to get paid instantly in crypto and see the benefit of it.

Experty has jumped on the PoC bandwagon as well and it shows. They have over 9000 people in the Telegram and are in the top 15 for Alexa rankings compared to other ICOs’. This couple with the fact that the hard cap is only 9m and Experty is set to sell out pretty quick. I’m guessing Experty will have a leg up in capturing crypto adopted clients, who probably will be able to drive their market cap into the 50mil range. As for the long term health of the company that will remain to be seen.



Symbol: EXY

Token Price: 1 EXY = 0.72 USD (0.00100 ETH)

Hard Cap: 9,000,000 USD

Total Tokens: 100,000,000

Sold During Crowdsale: 33%


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