ICOs: Investing in Alt-coins and Initial Coin Offerings


Learning how to trade crypto is easy, but hard to actually figure out what matters. I’ve been in the ICO space for not very long and I’m still learning new things everyday. If you have issues with trading and haven’t been able to figure out what to do yet, check out this course by Adelka, a good friend of mine from Czech. She’s created this course on Udemy and after watching it I’ve agreed to let her promote it here. If anythings missing or if you have questions, just get in touch. 


This course is designed to transform a complete newbie into a beast who hopefully knows enough not to lose money. Adelka is going to teach you about the concept of blockchain, what is actually an ICO, why tokens are being distributed, what do they representhow it all works etc. to things like how to actually invest, what are the best strategies to make money and how to trade the tokens on exchanges (token markets). This course is a complete guide for every person who is ready to hit the market big and in an effective way.

So stop thinking about it and do something. There is the money back guarantee, if I am not right, you can always get your money back.

This course offers: 

  1. Explanation of what an ICO is and how it works on the blockchain
  2. What are the technicalities every good ICO has to have in order to be successful on the market
  3. What is the Presale, Crowdsale, Hard/Soft Cap, Individual limit, Programmable blockchain and more
  4. How to recognise the quality of a project based on the structure, the team, the whitepaper, the Slack or Telegram channels
  5. How to catch all the presales and get the best deals, how get whitelisted for such presales and how to perform a full registration. Even how to pool with friends.
  6. What never do so you don’t lose your assets
  7. Screen-sharing videos on how to set up your own ether wallet on MyEtherWallet, how to understand all the features the site offers such as Transactions of ETH or Tokens, such as Etherscan page where you can track every transaction ever made, how to set up another wallet that offers extra features such as Metamask, the chrome plugin
  8. What is the Trezor hardware wallet and how to use it?
  9. Understanding the json file, the private key the public address, how to set up GWEI and GAS based on the importance of your transaction
  10. Explanation of the front page of an Exchange Token Site: What are Bids and Asks, what is an Order book, how to place your own order, how to understand the graph, and the Depth chart, what is Volume
  11. Especially how to Deposit and Withdraw on such Exchanges
  12. We will also look at all the Hot Exchange sites for Tokens such as EtherDelta, Liqui, HitBTC, Bittrex and more. I will review all of them and provide you with Fee tables and ratings.
  13. Screen-sharing of all these Exchange sites for better understanding – create and account with me and even TRADE! Everything here!
  14. The Mooning and Dumping tendencies explained – how to try to predict them!
  15. Reading the Candlestick chart and finding your way around important news!
  16. Trading Strategies for the best results! 3 awesome strategies accompanied by my favourite, called The Trinity!
  17. To not only sugarcoat ICO’s I’ve also prepared warnings you need to know in order to always be prepared!
  18. And much much more! Just check it out yourself!

Normal price of this course is 100$. Through Smart ICO Investor you get to get this course for only 39$.

Stop thinking and start doing. This is the first step.

ICOs: Investing in Alt-coins and Initial Coin Offerings

Course by Adela Skotak

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