In Remembrance of our Liberation

May 2018
By Sam
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Yesterday we celebrated “Victory Day” here in Russia. Every May 9 since the end of WW2, the then Soviet, now Russian, government parades through Red Square with its tanks, planes and war automobiles. As a lowly plebe, you have no access to actually watch any part of the parade. It’s a made for TV event to show off the might of the military.  

After the parade tens of thousands of people around the country take part in the “Immortal Battalion,” where descendants of slain service members proudly display their relatives on placards in remembrance of their life and sacrifice for the country. 

The Immortal Battalion

As a veteran myself, I have mixed feelings about the event. On the one hand, after seeing the brutal effect of war on its people, culture and infrastructure, I cannot further endorse any violent action. Thus, the continuance of the “warfare porn” across Red Square is disheartening. It shows that we have a long way to go before we truly extricate ourselves from cycles of violence and death. On the other, showing respect for those who perished to provide us the life we have today is an important part of passing down heritage across bloodlines. 

Maybe the beliefs I hold are pure idealism, but their are countries in the world like Switzerland and Costa Rica that have established neutral and pacifist foreign policies. It’s easy to sit a continent away and order the destruction of targets unknown without any emotional, historical or geographical connection. I know, I’ve been in that situation before. 

Everyday we are given an opportunity to shape the world around us. I think many of us in the blockchain space are idealists. Concepts like transparency, openness, community governance, decentralization are powerful motivators to drive creation of a new monetary system. For myself it was 100% what attracted me. The idea that everyone and no one controlled a system of value transfer, where politics, regulations, laws and ethics could never touch or shut it down. It is truly an amazing system.

Our current debt fueled governments have blank checks to fund endless wars around the world, dropping bombs on those countries which fail or refuse to adapt to modern trade and economics. This is especially true in our post 9/11 world where terrorism now fuels an ever growing security state. Guns and bombs rarely bring lasting change, rather its peaceful activism and resistance that topples governments and forms new foundations of rule and law. 

So on this day of liberation, take time to think about the values our predecessors died for. How would they want our world structured? How would they want their grandchildren to grow up? Responsibility for realizing these goals lies with us in every passing day. We carry the torch they once held and we have no one to answer to but ourselves. It’s our duty to build a better life for our children and every generation to come, because they will either look upon this time and say “this was when we truly became free” or we will slowly perish. 

I salute those who came and died before us in defense of our freedoms. The millions who died across Europe and Asia paid the price so that we can live today. Choose life, peace and hope that we do not make the mistakes of our forefathers.

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