November 13th ICO Quick Review

November 2017
By Sam
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TopiaCoin Presale Starts – Secure Decentralized File Sharing

“Topia will combine its patented security for shredding and encrypting data with the power of blockchain, to deliver the most robust and Secure Decentralized File Sharing infrastructure (SDFS). With SDFS, individuals and businesses will be able to easily and securely share any digital asset without a central server and with the confidence that each transaction is performed in a manner agreed upon by the blockchain.  The SDFS infrastructure will handle any file size and format with the ability to guard against multiple threats.”

Main issue is they won’t have anything ready until Q2 2019. Beta doesn’t even come until Q1 2019. They have no Github commits other than the white paper and tokensale contract.

Protex – Internet Privacy Security

“Data has become highly centralized, privatized and vulnerable.

The Protex Platform aims to provide privacy, security and anonymity to all. Protex decentralizes the ownership of user data like browsing history, location data and much more by giving users the rights to their own digital footprint. With easy-to-use applications, Protex users can not only control what gets shared, but finally get paid for the data they provide.”

I have no idea what their use case is. The team is small, the roadmap is super long to get to the actual release. They are just raising money for their project. No Github, nothing to check. Stay away.

ESLCoin – English as a second language Coin

ESL Coin is the full application of blockchain technology to the ESL industry. In addition to providing a common means of payment, it will function as a decentralized autonomous database of ESL students, teachers and businesses. Smart contract technology will be used to assign reputations to users based on feedback from others, who will be initially verified by a blockchain-based ID system.

Just no. Stay away. No Team, no roadmap. Scam.

HaggleJob – No idea

Scam. No blockchain team. No roadmap. Bad project.

XZen Presale – Hardware Wallet with NFC

Super cool Idea, will think abut this one more. No patent. Just an idea, but a cool idea.

Ethersport – No technical team, Russian, No GitHub, nothing. Pass Blockchain Affiliate Marketing

Pass. Russian Team, No plan. No MVP. Not sure what the project does.

ConnectJob – Job Site?

No Github, Weird team. Not sure what their USP is.

Izetex – Pokemon Go for blockchain coins. You have to go collect them first in the real world. Only then can you trade. Obtuse. They have a MVP and are on the app store already.

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