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A lot of dystopian movies feature evil governments and dictators who take over the world and subject their population to some sort of slavery. This is entertaining for sure, but really it fails to grasp a bigger, scarier force which can topple kings and knows everything about you, advertisers/advertising. Companies like Google, Facebook and others know more about us than we do. They know what we like, buy, eat, read, who we talk with, frequency, topics, and everything else. All this for one reason alone, advertising. They want us to buy. To be a good little robot and but their product over and over again.

The problem though is that collecting ever more data becomes ever more expensive as they try to track things like where we walk in the supermarket or what items we look at and for how long. Nucleus vision wants to change this with their new tracking blockchain protocol, which connects with IoT devices, to track your buying habits better. They are going to be able to do this through their contactless identification system, which uses a telephone to track when a customer enters and leaves a store. From their they can embed their protocol in other IoT tracking devices to gain a richer understanding of a customer’s buying habits.

In order to onboard new customers into their tracking system, they will give them nCash, the native token used by the protocol, for signing up and participating in their ecosystem. Then, as the system compiles its tracking data, it forms a firmer understanding of how much that customer is worth and appropriates the required amount of advertising dollars to them for retention.

I like the idea, in all of its dystopian glory. I’m reminded of watching the Black Mirror episode where everyone had a rating. Other than being scarily true, I think the biggest problem is that normal people got to see each other’s ratings. Having this data open source causes too many societal problems. In the actual case, retailers would keep the data as proprietary and then sell it off to the highest bidder. There is no way a public score would be released as it would open up to the doors to other competitor retailers. What’s funny is the company says they are “putting control of data back in the hands of the users” but really all they are doing is changing the monetization structure to pay people for their participation.

Unlike Walton, which uses RFID, all of Nucleus is based on existing telecom systems. Any data captured will be transferred through traditional means over existing operator networks, thus saving a lot of time in the development of transfer software and platforms. More so, they have deployed their tracking system through a pilot program to more than 10 stores already. It’s great to see a working product already in place.

My concerns though (I’ve already set aside money for Nucleus) is that the full WP hasn’t been released. The light paper is quite light… really. I would want to tear through a large database of information to discover the true power of their system. This info should be coming next week or so though.

Check out the token sale setup. They reduced the cap to 40 mil, which is cool.



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