Paragon Is Being Blackmailed to Have Negative Reddit Posts Removed

August 2017
By Sam
Posted: Updated:

I was not paid by Paragon for my work, nor do I have any connections to them other than the two hour interview I conducted and subsequent messages. I have not or will not be compensated by Paragon in any way for what I have done or will do.

Screenshots of Blackmail They are out of order, but I’m hungover and can’t give a shit this morning.[2]

Yesterday, I was contacted by Jessica from Paragon. She told me that their team had been scammed and now was being blackmailed. They have been posting to reddit and then demanding BTC from them to delete the post. The person in the screenshots also scammed Coinschedule and Paragon out of several BTC. For some stupid reason, Yegor forgot to listen to GW and negotiated with the terrorists. You can see this in the pics. When I asked about this, Jessica told me

We didn’t pay to remove it, Egor saw potential in him because he was pretty creative, even though evil. He thought that if he is able to reach out to so many people and do such a good job blackmailing someone he can try to make him (the troll) think and work positively. Apparently he was wrong. He didn’t pay him to remove anything, he paid him to create positive content. The troll offered to remove it and Egor is not going to beg the troll to leave it lol. There is no “truth” we are afraid of what’s so ever, we are probably the most compliant and transparent token crowd sales out there and it’s sad to hear “scam” because of the guy like this.

He scammed us pretending to be coin schedule and scammed coin schedule pretending to be us. Coin schedule is aware of it and we have already fixed the issue with them.

To address some of the issues raised in this post. The Paragon team raised 25 mil before their launch from friends and family. From investing into other pre-sales for ICO’s, it’s normal to be oversubscribed for a certain portion of the pre-sale, you just get moved to the next tier. I don’t know why its any issue.

I also found the domestic dispute when I was googling Yegor. I would expect him to address this issue.

Jessica is the founder behind Paragon and she’s not just a face for her husband. You can listen to my full interview here. It starts at 15 min in when I add Yegor and Jessica to the call. The entire conversation is unedited.!Vq5ySCyS!tH6YrY1N0gwO3rPdUkDiOX2Jnbb8-wOKSRf6hh-dSKs

Addressing their team, Yegor provide me with the following information from Vadim, one of their developers

we cooperate mostly with enterprises so no any big work open sourced. But as a part of my own little project[4] we have open Ethereum ERC20 token contract with dividends feature[5] .

2 smart contracts developers –[6][7]

2 front-end developers –[8][9]

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  1. Greed will not win / August 29, 2017 at 2:09 pm /Reply

    Greed begats greed. Once they open themselves up to Government Regs, it will be another headache for them entirely with the DOJ and the SEC. As the truth for their motives becomes more clear they will get what they deserve.

    It’s interesting that the more you probe into the uses of cash, burn rate, etc. they fall apart and become more evasive once both people in the interview start to catch on to the fact that they are raking in One Hundred Million dollars as a for profit company around hard assets with very little gain (if any) for token holders and that token holders will be forced to use their ecosystem, which will support Paragon’s profit//// It’s like ….wait, wha/????

    It’s why the LLC that the company was set up under is called “Perfect Privacy LLC” …for a reason! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    I can only imagine how hard it was to keep from throwing up in that interview since it becomes obvious to you both what this is really about.

    Many agencies are now aware of their practices; they have been reported to the SEC and DOJ.

  2. The Game / August 29, 2017 at 2:28 pm /Reply

    Scammers calling out scammers….

    Jessica states: “He paid him to create positive content” …. says it all. wow.

    Lavrov’s intent is clear too from the screenshot.

    This is swarmy unethical, immoral behaviour. Shameful. Thanks for the post

  3. The Game / September 18, 2017 at 11:51 am /Reply

    Jessica Versteeg andEgor Lavrov have big targets on their backs now that the SEC is watching their EVERY MOVE….be sure to check out PERFECT PRIVACY LLC….it is the holding company for this Paragon CON….

  4. The Game / March 16, 2018 at 1:59 pm /Reply

    Jessica Versteeg is the next Elizabeth Holmes, who was just convicted of MASSIVE FRAUD. SCAM artist with 3 lawsuits pending . She and husband skipped the country and now there is a warrant out for their arrest in California and Florida.

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