Remme – Making Hacks Obsolete With the Blockchain

December 2017
By Sam
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If you haven’t already go over to haveibeenpwnd and check to see if your email is associated with any major hacks and leaks over the past several years. For those of your using the same passwords, it can come back to haunt you or your ICO (Enigma). For most attacks and hacks, the weakness lies in the human element. People can be tricked into phishing attacks, lose their passwords or just be careless about security. Most security structures are actually built to minimize human error and use implementations like two factor authentication. But we still get a lot of phishing attacks because we rely on easily obtainable information like user names and passwords.

The result is that enterprises are not able to fully protect their data and users.

One reason the blockchain will be a key part of our security systems in the future is because of its immutability. One company that is developing systems based on these core features is Remme, a PKI management system using the blockchain to create a trustless web certification. An organization can issue their own certificates and be rest assured of their safety due to its immutable nature. Companies working with Remme will benefit in three ways:

  1. System architecture, software and user authentication cannot be compromised by users or broken by hackers
  2. Passwords are eliminated without complicating the user experience.
  3. Central password databases are eliminated

Essentially, Remme gives full control to an enterprise concerning who gets to access their system, what they have access to and how long. Plus, these permissions are fixed in the blockchain and cannot be changed without express permission. This will help secure all types of critical enterprises such as power stations, IoT devices and crypto exchanges. Think of every time you log into your favorite exchange, only to have to use 2FA and other PKI management systems to ensure your identity. With Remme, the whole system can be checked against the blockchain and from an easy to use app.

I like systems like these, we are going to need this kind of protection going into the future and I expect an eventual transition of PKI to blockchain. The question though is how much will Remme be at the forefront of this. They are Ukrainian based, but have clients around the world. I think projects like these don’t get much attention because they are not hugely “disruptive” systems or tech. They simply reduce the possibility of hacking, theft and other nefarious cyber acts.

I had a chat with Alex, the CEO and it seems like they have a good growth plan going forward. They have a pilot program already in place and are serving existing clients. The question though is who is going to build on their system and use it without interfacing with their company. This would be the biggest issue I would have in ascertaining their growth. The software looks to be proprietary, meaning the value of the token would be dependent on the company growing, which does have its limits. All in all a solid project.







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