Announcing Smarter Ledgers

September 2018
By Sam
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Roughly a year ago I started the blog, simply as a way to keep track of the companies I was researching and share my thoughts with other crypto investors. Much has changed since I started first publishing. One thing I quickly realized was that most startups had no idea how to run a token sale. Cost of capital for ICO’s is incredibly low unlike an IPO or traditional capital raise. All that was needed was a half decent marketing team and an idea. Many of the projects which raised millions of dollars have now exit scammed, entered bankruptcy or have simply disappeared. My own analysis has evolved quite a bit during this time as well.

In order to best provide value to the space, I’ve started a due diligence and compliance company for ICO’s, aptly named Smarter Ledgers. Our goal is to guide young companies planning on conducting an ICO/TGE through the regulatory, legal and technical process of launching a coin/token and getting listed on their first exchanges.

One of the major steps for this has been the creation of the Smarter Ledgers Due Diligence Framework. This document provides what every ICO investor should be asking, questions about business operations and structure which are enormously important for the long term health and growth of the company. I am a full believer in transparency and so I will call on all companies we work with to publish the results of the due diligence framework. We will update it as time goes along and work with the community to factor in any questions they would want to see included.

Joining me in this journey with fellow writer of this site CeAnn Simpson and Christian Ferri. Together, we are working together to bring stability and true growth for investors and companies.

We will still be writing for here. I have some new ideas for content and direction. Plus if I do see any good projects we will be reporting them here.




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