Enigma Catalyst Hacked! Telegram, Slack, Mailchimp All Compromised!

UPDATE: The Enigma team posted this in Telegram and Slack:   Earlier today the Enigma Catalyst team was hacked and Guy sent out the following message: I woke up with 7000 messages pending in their Telegram channel. The community was quick to release a response: TO ALL POTENTIAL INVESTORS: DO …

Enigma Catalyst

Catalyst ICO – A One-Stop Quant Shop Built to Jumpstart Enigma

In Part 1 of my analysis of Enigma Catalyst, I took a look at the Enigma protocol level to try and understand its workings and future use. In summary, Enigma is an encrypted data feed, which can be leveraged in different platforms. It’s similar to what Bloomberg does, except has …

Enigma Catalyst

Enigma – A Privacy Oriented Hybrid On/Off-Chain Network That Mines Encrypted Data

Enigma Network The blockchain was originally designed for completely open, transparent transactions, verified by every node on the network to ensure its trustworthiness. However, this limits their use in handling, storing and preforming heavy computation of private data. There are two major reasons for this problem. First, the flow of …