Da Power Play

Da Power Play – Build Your Own Trading Algorithm With Ease

Da Power Play – Technology building blocks for digital assets trading automation I used to play with a lot of Legos when I was a child. I would first build the model by the instructions, play with it a bit, and then throw it down the stairs and watch it …


Intelligent Trading Tech… AI Meets Trading

What Is Intelligent Trading Tech (ITT)? To put it in the most simple manner possible: Intelligent Trading Tech is a trading assistant based on the power of Artificial Intelligence and hosted on the Ethereum network I will go cover in more extensive detail exactly what the platform is and how …


UnikoinGold – How Does Mark Cuban’s First ICO Measure Up?

UnikoinGold ICO Summary If Floyd or Paris aren’t enough confirmation that ICOs have reached the mainstream, then Mark Cuban’s support of UnikoinGold may be. The Esports betting website has been garnering a lot of press recently and are seeking to raise $100 million in the ICO. I signed up for …


BrickBlock – The Future NYSE for the Blockchain

BrickBlock Summary The biggest developments in the future of tokenization will be how companies interact with existing legal structures as the regulatory environment will only become stricter and more tenuous. While there are many applications for blockchain technology, there is no legal precedent to provide any clear procedures going forward. …


Top 5 ICOs for September

We are well into blistering rounds of ICO’s coming near day after day right now. However, there are some which are proving to be the cream of the crop. Lets take a look at the Top 5 ICO’s for September. 1. Enigma Catalyst To say I am excited about Enigma …


Kyber ICO – Hype is Real for Instant Token Exchange Platform

I’m a bit late with my Kyber review. It’s already gotten the hype it needs and is well on its way to having an extremely successful ICO. They have already closed their whitelist because of overwhelming demand. I read the whitepaper last week and I get the hype. Kyber is …


Aventus ICO – Blockchain Ticketing Protocol Hyped for ICO

Aventus ICO Buying tickets can be a nightmare, primary vendors such as Ticketmaster charge 20% fees, Viagogo or StubHub prices can be 2x-3x more and using craigslist, etc… is a gamble that tickets aren’t worthless counterfeits. Well, these are exactly the kind of problems Aventus aims to resolve with their …


Maecenas ICO – Tokenized Artwork Investment for the Masses

Maecenas ICO Investing in fine art has been a privilege of the wealthy for centuries. However many expensive pieces are kept locked away in a mansion where only a few ever get to see it. For the plebs, the only way to appreciate art is to visit a museum or …


Paragon Is Being Blackmailed to Have Negative Reddit Posts Removed

I was not paid by Paragon for my work, nor do I have any connections to them other than the two hour interview I conducted and subsequent messages. I have not or will not be compensated by Paragon in any way for what I have done or will do. Screenshots …

Paragon Coin

ParagonCoin ICO – The $100 Mln Blockchain Run By A Model, A Rapper and the Father of the Russian Internet

Before I start my review of ParagonCoin I want to get a few things out of the way. Yes, they have the Game on their advisory board and Founder Jessica Versteeg is former Miss Iowa. But, if you just read the headline, you’ll miss all the interesting bits about this …