Aventus ICO – Blockchain Ticketing Protocol Hyped for ICO

Aventus ICO Buying tickets can be a nightmare, primary vendors such as Ticketmaster charge 20% fees, Viagogo or StubHub prices can be 2x-3x more and using craigslist, etc… is a gamble that tickets aren’t worthless counterfeits. Well, these are exactly the kind of problems Aventus aims to resolve with their …


Maecenas ICO – Tokenized Artwork Investment for the Masses

Maecenas ICO Investing in fine art has been a privilege of the wealthy for centuries. However many expensive pieces are kept locked away in a mansion where only a few ever get to see it. For the plebs, the only way to appreciate art is to visit a museum or …


Paragon Is Being Blackmailed to Have Negative Reddit Posts Removed

I was not paid by Paragon for my work, nor do I have any connections to them other than the two hour interview I conducted and subsequent messages. I have not or will not be compensated by Paragon in any way for what I have done or will do. Screenshots …

Paragon Coin

ParagonCoin ICO – The $100 Mln Blockchain Run By A Model, A Rapper and the Father of the Russian Internet

Before I start my review of ParagonCoin I want to get a few things out of the way. Yes, they have the Game on their advisory board and Founder Jessica Versteeg is former Miss Iowa. But, if you just read the headline, you’ll miss all the interesting bits about this …


LAToken ICO – Stay Away: Little Details, Non-Responsive to Questions and Terrible Community Management

Stay Away From LAToken ICO I don’t usually go looking for poor ICO’s to review. There’s too much muck to dig through to try and find decent investments for my investors. As a lot of these ICO’s are niche specific, and I’m not an expert, I try to focus on …


Enigma Catalyst Hacked! Telegram, Slack, Mailchimp All Compromised!

UPDATE: The Enigma team posted this in Telegram and Slack:   Earlier today the Enigma Catalyst team was hacked and Guy sent out the following message: I woke up with 7000 messages pending in their Telegram channel. The community was quick to release a response: TO ALL POTENTIAL INVESTORS: DO …


Modum ICO – IoT/Blockchain Combo Is The Future of Automation

A review + interview of the upcoming Modum ICO   The future is the blockchain. Eventually it will be an invisible, ever present system in our lives.  One of the biggest revolutions in the future will be the integration of the blockchain with other emerging technologies such as self driving …


AirToken ICO – Freemium Data Plans and Micro-Loans for the Developing World

AirToken ICO Summary If you’ve ever been to a developing country, you will find that most people have 2-3 SIM cards they regularly change out due to pricing and special offers. More so, even with data plans being much cheaper than in Europe and especially in the US, the cost …


SmartRE ICO – An Interview with Co-Founder Lloyd Huang

I had a chance to speak with Lloyd from SmartRe a few days ago. We discussed his ongoing ICO, the benefits of using SRE tokens and the long term outlook for the token. It was a very great discussion and it’s presented below: I would expect that there would be …


Bitjob ICO – Big Ideas, Little Details in Mistake-laden Whitepaper

The Bitjob ICO, a student freelance marketplace aimed at China and India, has set out with a big idea, but without knowing any of the specifics relating to operations, its too difficult to know whether this ICO has staying power. When I do these reports, the first thing I do …