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I asked my telegram group what coin they wanted me to check out and Vinnd topped the list. I’m not sure why really. Everything about this token screams that it is a scam. I’m not going to go too in-depth here, but let me run through the list.

  1. Blatantly a security, the team says that a token represents and ownership share in the company. “100% of tokens represent a full ownership of Vinnd. The token symbol is VIN. The total amount of tokens to release is 563 333 333 VIN (65% emission) in two rounds Pre-ICO and ICO. Total token amount is 888,888,888” This alone is a massive red flag.
  2. is supposedly their main page and its offline.
  3. There are more pictures than words in the whitepaper
  4. The cap for the ICO is 150mil.
  5. They actively say its a trillion USD idea.
  6. Additionally they say “projected company turnover by 3rd Quarter 2020 is $186,950,186,046” WTF?
  7. 35% to founders? lol
  8. Tons of spelling mistakes.
  9. Kazakh team, no experience.
  10. Just kill me now.

This is not how you make an ICO website or white paper. Let’s hope they get shut down before they steal people’s money.

Hello, Sam!
My name is Aidana Kaskyrbek. I am Vinnd’s team member. I would like to address your arguments and answer back.

1. Okay. This fact might be frustrating for those who are new to the project.
2. Yes since we are developing the project. Our main product – express blood test device. We are using already patented needles and we are working on enhancing existing ones. We are focused on successful delivery of the product on time. Even though we haven’t mentioned that product is in development, we just wanted to play safe with time and meet expectations.
3. Yes. Because losing weight is about emotions. Science proofs that graphic content positively effects people’s decision-making ability. In comparison to some “wordy” whitepapers, our articulates with referred information with credible sources.
4. Well. It doesn’t really matter how much we are going to attract on this ICO. We will deliver strictly respectively to what amount of money we will attract.
5. It is a trillion dollar idea and I personally think that arguing on “media slogans” is silly
6. These estimations didn’t come from anywhere. You may track the way we calculated it. We haven’t made up any numbers. Perhaps you have to familiarize yourself with startup market size evaluation metrics.
7. I didn’t get your skepticism here
8. Happens everywhere
9. This is the real racist comment. But I anyway appreciate your right to say whatever you want.
10. We are new to ICO. But we aren’t new to the tech industry. We have very broad networking in China and US. There is a team of 43 people working in our company. We have been doing commercial software and hardware development in China and CIS countries. I believe our attempts to launch our own project may look naively unconfident. However please don’t doubt our expertise, please. We, of course, do not rely on ICO as the main source for the financing. We are also attracting venture capital as well. But, Sam, you can’t even imagine how hard it is to attract investment when people don’t even pronounce your name properly. Because they don’t even know your origin. Many of those in our network are people who were once our clients in software and hardware development and our main aim is to get seed investment to catalyze our development and then attract venture capital. We have guts. We have been spending our own money to get the product where it is right now.

I agree that it is not the way we should have launched ICO. But I also know that we are constantly developing. We changing. We are doing it late. But screw that. Project is cool and we believe in it. We are attracting more people to our advisory board. There are more and more people getting involved in our project. Regardless the ICO results this project will live.

Finally, how much money you think we can attract? 1 million, 2 million, 4-5, 20 million? Ain’t sexy perspective to flash your reputation in the toilet over this money. Especially when fake ICOs are being so scrutinized.

Aidana Kaskyrbek
co-founder at Vinnd

PS: In case if you have any other questions, please contact me.
@volkabek (telegram)
I would leave here my passport number if that would prove you that we are being honest)

Привет. Меня зовут Кирьяков Евгений Анатольевич. Я участвовал в баунти компании vinnd. На этот момент у меня есть основания заявить, что vinnd это skam проект. Критерии моей оценки :
1) Группа в telegram вымышленна. Ссылки не действительны. Группы не было и нет.
2) Токены за баунти не выплачены.
3) Последняя новость во всех возможных медиа ресурсах датирована началом продаж токена. С тех самых пор ниодного упоминания о компании. Стех самых пор ни одного слова не написанно администраторами компании нигде.
4) Связи с компанией нет. На письма они не отвечают. На своих страницах в социальных сетях активности у команды проекта нет с момента начала продажи токена.

Этого мало ? Я думаю достаточно !


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